Casinos BETTING on Temperature Checks, Chip Cleaners and COVID-19 Masks.

TORONTO -- Canadian gamblers are trading in temperature checks, hand sanitizer, face masks and disinfecting wipes for the comfort of an Online Casino from home.

Masks required, fewer games, buffet closed: Idaho casino offers ...

As casinos across the country open, the gaming floor looks decidedly different. For the most part, table games are closed and there are fewer slot machines to choose. Reminders about physical distancing are scattered about on floors, walls, doors and around elevators is also a main reason for the surge in popularity of online casinos in Canada.

Land based Casinos are built for escapism, but there is no escaping COVID-19 vs Canadian Online Casinos. Many amenities are closed. Forget valet service, buffets, live shows, spas and nightclubs. This is why casinos online are getting more popular post COVID.

Casinos are applying the same kind of cleaning discipline once reserved for washrooms to their entire site, using long-lasting antimicrobial sprays to disinfect surfaces, wiping down slot machines between each use, and providing disinfectant wipes and sanitizer throughout the gaming floor.

Many casinos are no longer open 24 hours, instead closing down for a few hours each morning to clean.

Plastic barriers are common at slots, gaming tables and food and beverage counters, and a number of casinos are employing technology to minimize the need for lines, including live count capacity monitors and apps that tell casino visitors when it’s their time to enter.

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