What are the most popular Canadian online casino games?

As the online gambling market in Canada progresses, bookmakers and casinos have found it necessary to innovate, including the best options for the most popular casino games, such as the live betting option.  Even though sports bets like football, basketball and cricket betting are quite popular, the top spots in online casinos go to classing games like roulette, blackjack and so on. Now, there are some games that have managed to stand out more than others, being classified as the most popular. Among them are the following: Top 7 best online casinos in Canada The Top 7 Best Canadian Online Casinos. The online casino market in Canada is fiercely competitive, with new Canadian casino sites entering the internet every day.  Play at the  best online casinos  for players in  Canada  & Get huge casino bonus offers available today! Onlin

Gambling in Canada during a Pandemic

Gambling has long been on the rise in Canada. With the pandemic, there has been an even greater increase in Canadian Casino sites . Gathering restrictions and reduced hours have hit the casino industry hard. In addition, spacing requirements, the need for physical barriers, and extra sanitation supplies have all put additional costs on individual casinos. As a result, many of them have increasingly shifted their operations online. More Canadians have naturally moved to online gambling as well.  Those who used to frequent the physical venues will now supplement their gambling with online sites instead. As more people work from home or spend more time away from others, this continued increase can be expected.  Not to mention that because of the risk from COVID, gambling at a physical casino can be dangerous. With the increase in online casino sites, the number of scam sites has increased as well. It’s essential to know the place you are visiting is legitimate. Check to see where they a

How Technology changed the Casino Industry in Canada

With technology taking the most effects on our daily lifestyle, it has also had a great impact on most sectors of business all around the world, with the casino industry not being a stranger to it. With the arrival of ultra-fast internet coupled around with the flagship smartphones and gaming PC, casino games have been made easy to access for everybody. Trying to adapt to these changes brought about by technology, the casino industry has implemented many innovative technologies to help the players – both in Canada and across the world – to a seamless gaming experience. How has technology changed the casino gaming industry? With the help of , we dive deeper into the Canadian online casino industry! The Online Experience The introduction of high-speed internet has been one of the reasons gambling transformed, and for online casinos, it has brought about an enhancement of success in this region. With gambling known to be created on the background of calculations, computers

Is 2021 the year for online casino growth in the USA?

From poker to baccarat and slots to blackjack, people love to play casino games. But, while other countries and continents such as the U.K. and Europe have regulated internet gambling for years. America is yet to jump in with both feet. Even though their neighbors Canada have legalized the use of online casinos, so long as the casino company is not based in the country. But, in the past decade, America has proved its attitude towards gambling is changing. And 2021 could be the year that sees exponential growth. Read on for more details why. Several states have already passed and legalized online casino use by their citizens. New Jersey New Jersey passed an online gambling law in 2013. The law intended to expand N.J.s gambling market. And fill the void of lost gambling revenue that occurred in Atlantic City around this time. The dip in revenue was due to an increase in competition from gambling facilities in other states. Now, the garden state draws in $225 million a year from onli

Top 10 Hardest Casino Games to Master

 Whether you step into a real-life casino or prefer to play online, casino games offer different players different challenges. There are bound to be some that are more challenging to master than others. Whether you are a total amateur or a regular in the casino, it is a good idea to look at the challenges that you are presented within a game. This way, you get a better idea of exactly what to expect and can choose one based on your skill level. Taking this into account, here are the top 10 hardest casino games to master. Blackjack First and foremost, we have blackjack. Perhaps one of the most iconic casino games out there, this one has featured in countless movies – everything from Rain Man to The Hangover . It is also beloved by such popular celebrities as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Tiger Woods . While it is largely seen as a game of chance, there are plenty of elements that up the skill level. Knowing when to hit and when to split is an art form. There are also parts of the game

Top 7 Casinos in Canada

  If you’re looking to visit a stunning country with excellent online casinos and gambling venues, it’s hard to beat the Canadian experience. From small gaming rooms to massive hotels and restaurants, each facility will give you a new breathtaking adventure. It’s no wonder that casinos in Canada are packed with locals and tourists enjoying top-notch slots and table games. Play in Quality Casinos and become an expert on how to find the best Canadian online casino . You’ll read about features that each casino has to offer and which ones to look out for when visiting the internet in Canada. Let's get ready to dive into Canada's best (online) casinos;   1.            Stashbird Casino This website is one of the top casino guides in Canada. The best variety of Canadian casinos and thousands of casino games, esports-betting, and much more. What makes this casino site even better is that it’s also famous for listing quality casinos in Canada. When it comes to ratings you'll f

BEST Online Casinos Canada

BEST Online Casino Canada   Real Money Online Gambling in Canada Jackpot City . Payout 97.44% Paytime 24 hrs. Play for the $3,864,206.00 Mega Moolah Jackpot. Payout 97.44% Spin Casino . 2001. Bonus C$1000. Payout 97.16% Ruby Fortune . 2003. Payout 96.39% Paytime 24 hrs Betway . 2004. Bonus C$1750. Payout 96.22% Stashbird . 2019. Bonus C$400. Payout 96.73% What is the best online casino in Canada? What Are The Best Online Casinos in Canada? Yukon Gold Casino . #1 Best Online Casino. 125 Spins for $10. Quatro Casino . #2 Runner Up. Up to 700 free spins. Casino Classic . #3 Third Place. 1 free spin (no deposit offer). Stashbird.  #4 Fourth Place. Up to 500 free spins. Winvio . #5 Fifth Place. 100 Spins for $10. Find out how we evaluate the best online real money casinos in Canada. Check out playing for real money vs. free spins. Our team of casino experts continuously check the best casino to play with real money in Canada. The best  online casino  and slot games in Canada. New and exclus